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Profesor de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos y de la Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (España). Editor Asociado de la Revista Comunicar. Doctor en Comunicación. Máster en Comunicación Social y Especialista en Derecho y Políticas Internacionales.

Scientific social networks:

See Scientific Social networks part 1: Research Gate is a social network that begins on September 2008 as an space for the researchers to share their works and in that way maximize their visibility at the same time making … Continue reading

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Ensure an anonymous document

We have already talked in this blog about the process of reviewing the manuscripts, in which scientific peer reviewers should evaluate the content of the submitted manuscripts, taking into account the quality of the research and whole fulfillment with the … Continue reading

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Read: The first task

One of the major problems of the new investigators is based mainly on the lack of reading of other investigations. Not surprisingly, most scientific journals in the field of social sciences require that the manuscripts contain a theoretical framework or … Continue reading

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APA standards and cite system with DOI

Most scientific journals in the social sciences, especially the Spanish and Latin American countries, use the American Psychological Association (APA) standards to present the manuscripts. Although it is the most frequent regulation, some publications (magazines, book chapters, conference proceedings and … Continue reading

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