‘Comunicar’ available on Researcher App

Posted on December 2nd, 2019 by Arantxa Vizcaíno-Verdú– Translation_ Erika-Lucia Gonzalez-Carrion

Comunicar Journal is already available on Researcher app. A free application for mobile devices available on Google Play, App Store and App Gallery, which makes it easier the tracking of articles from international scientific sources, and that simplifies the search of manuscripts and keep us aware about new publications.


https://comunicarautores.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/landingdownloadapplestore.png landingdownloadgooglestore  landingdownloadhuaweistore

What is Researcher?

Researcher is an app designed by academics, for academics. A platform that has a base of more than 15.500 journals, among which you can find Comunicar, and where you have different options for filtering, notification, personalization and creation of a researcher profile. You can share your articles; follow both other researchers and scientific journals.

  • Easy to navigate

This app presents a simple space to have access to journals, articles and your profile.

  • Reading in any place and in any moment

Web, Android and iOS. Your account is synchronized in all the platforms.

  • Focus on what matters to you

Configure a filter through keywords, authors, journals, etc. Follow what interests you.

  • Simplify your visibility

Integration of Mendeley and Zotero to manage your references.

  • Permanent connection

Activate the notifications and look the latest documents before anybody.

  • Even more content

Access to the whole text in PDF in a quick and easy way.

You can already download the app on your device and access, save, download and share the latest articles of Comunicar.

About Erika-Lucia Gonzalez-Carrion

Erika Lucía González Carrión nació en Loja-Ecuador el 29 de marzo de 1994. Posee una licenciatura en Comunicación Social por la Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL) y además una licenciatura en Ciencias de la Educación con mención en Idioma Inglés por la Universidad Nacional de Loja (UNL). En la actulidad cursa el Máster Internacional en Comunicación y Educación Audiovisual, promovido por la Universidad Internacional de Andalucía y la Universidad de Huelva. Además, cuenta con una certificación internacional de conocimiento del Idioma Inglés, dentro del Marco Común Europeo de las Lenguas. Dentro del ámbito de la Comunicación Social investiga el área radiofónica y realiza traducciones de artículos científicos. Erika Lucía González Carrión was born in Loja-Ecuador on March 29th, 1994. She got her bachelor’s degree in Social Communication at Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL) and additionally she got a bachelor’s degree in Sciences of Education, English Language Specialization at Universidad Nacional de Loja (UNL). Nowadays she is studying the Master degree in Communication and Audiovisual Education, promoted by the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía and the Universidad de Huelva . Moreover, she has an international certification of knowledge in the English Language, within the Common European Framework of the Languages. In the Social Communication field she investigates the radio and makes translations of scientific articles.
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