“School of Authors” is a website from Comunicar, Scientific Journal in Education and Communication, indexed in main international data bases, that complements other websites in Spanish, English and Portuguese. “School of Authors” is written and edited, basically, by the Editorial Board of “Comunicar” and it aims to offer different sources, for manuscript submissions in scientific journals in a planned and strategic manner. It is intended to make authors think about scientific information management for publishing scientific manuscripts in high impact journals.
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WOS and SCOPUS: The great allies of every researcher

The multiplication of channels, index, metrics, publications and impacts needs, as in other areas where information is also multiplied, an appropriate literacy that leads to the researcher in their different roles: author, researcher and professor. It is a field in which the researcher must have knowledge to plan his or her strategy and to guide rightly its scientific production, knowing and giving to know the outcome of his or her investigation.



It is essential for any researcher to know the main databases where to consult and access to the best scientific work and also where to spread it. Lets know the most relevant databases not only about research but also about diffusion of research: Web of Science and Scopus. Continue reading

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Wolf in sheep’s clothing- Fraudulent magazines

The antitheses of quality magazines are fraudulent magazines. In the last years, as a negative consequence of the appearance of digital magazines, and more specifically of the Open Access models in which the author assumes them costs of edition (golden via) have proliferated a numerous group of magazines of questionable quality that with the technic of the camouflage attract to the authors, normally through personalized offers (through email), with the main objective of making a profit by publishing their works. This phenomenon has been studied extensively by Jeffrey Beall, who puts at our disposal a list of hundreds of publishers of fraudulent magazines as well as predatory magazines without a publishing house. Another tool where it is possible to identify thousands of fraudulent tools is the CIRC classification. Continue reading

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Peer friends

amigosThe teamwork is fundamental to achieve the standards of quality of a scientific research. The same occurs in the drafting of the articles in which we will give to know our results of research or study. We need to count with the collaboration of a peer, an equal, a researcher with concerns and similar experience in the publication of scientific articles that also could be considered as friend, i.e., a colleague that will help us to improve our work. Continue reading

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Shipping protocols: checklist

checklistA scientific manuscript is the result, the visible point, of a research that sometimes has implied months, and even years of work, from the design of the same until the elaboration of the conclusions and the final or executive report. For this, the presentation of the manuscript in order to be edited in a publication of high level of excellence has to be cared in all its extremes, formal and conceptual, to avoid a “rejection” by minor issues that at least will suppose an important loss of time between its return and the new shipping, and a discredit of the authors in face of the editors, because of the lack of care in the formal presentation of the work. Continue reading

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Theme, range, approach, focus, aims and scope. The heart of a magazine

Writing an article for publishing implies a certain ritual. The author should make a selection of all his or her research work and submit it to the structure of a scientific article. This first step involves an accurate synthesis, with a clear line in relation to what is wanted to be spread, and a format that will be conditioned by the magazine to which the manuscript is intended to be sent.

240_f_72499446_7m6rbayawhxkmfoploj3mexv1fymcelaMany authors write their texts without having much knowledge of the structure and norms of scientific publications and this brings the consequent rejection of his or her contribution. It is very convenient the usual reading of scientific journals in the field of study in which the research is being developed. In this way, references and patterns of the writing and the dynamic of the scientific publication are gotten. Continue reading

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